MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

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MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby BFG Niko » Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:45 pm

This Is It! All your creative outpouring goes here. :)

Have fun, be fast and creative!

(And bear in mind that if you're under 16 we'll need a signed agreement of your parents. :D )

Also remember to check the details about the day. You can find them in this forum.

Edit: Excuse the "locked" thread. Things were a bit chaotic here today.

Second edit: The day will be the Tuesday the 21st of August.
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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby turtle » Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:55 pm

YES, I like to have a look inside of Black Forest Games!

I remember playing The Great Giana Sisters on my 'Brotkasten' C64! I spent quite some time playing it.
I also enjoyed the great music and was immediately fascinated when discovering Project Giana and hearing the great sound of the current trailer!
So I am a backer - of course :)

In my C64-time I was a young pupil and during a trade fair -I visited with my dad (I think it was the 'Hobbytronic' in Dortmund)- I was able to buy one of my very first CDs: The 'Shades' album of Chris Huelsbeck ( and I still have this CD in my shelf!

So I think - if I have the chance to meet BFG - I will meet some interesting retro-inspired gamers and developers! I bring my Shades CD, do you still have a CD player ? ;-)

Turtle (I discovered also a turtle in your trailer while Giana performed a twist, nice!)
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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby Cardin » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:08 pm

SoI´ll give it another try, as I was crying the last 2 hours cause I couldn´t post my application.

Name: Manuel
City: Karlsruhe (Karlsbad)
Age: 34
why you should coose me?
Cause I´m living in a town which calls itself "Gate to the Black Forest". I was always wondering why that but maybe this is a indication!
I know that´s obviously not funny, but if you invite me I will do my best to convince you! (was always bad in remembering jokes...)

Hope to see you soon!

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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby Saybia » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:54 pm

What a shame, I am on a work trip on that date.
Have fun anyways!
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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby Napalm » Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:12 pm

Ok, you want me to be fast an creative ....

Fast - no. I was sitting in front of that entry and thinking if i should apply for an invitation for quite a while. Thuesday 21. August 14:00 - it's a working day ... i am a software developer myself and i gonna have to ask my boss for a half day off ... ok, i'll do it.

Creative - ??? I played giana sisters on my c64 and amiga - i was a member of a famous cracking croup that days and maybe that group even cracked giana sisters ;-)
can't remember :-) it's long ago.
Creative ?? No but there is one thing.
I was the very first to ask for an open house day at black forest games :-) maybe that was creative ;-)

and, btw i am much older then 16 so that should not be a problem ;-)

Shining8 - The Movie
Die Doku zur bekannte Cracker-, Hacker- und Demo-Coder Gruppe aus den 1980er jetzt auch auf youtube:
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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby Brannigan » Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:27 am

since there arent too many signups I will use this thread for a short notice. I guess the date is not too well chosen. Especially as a large part of the possible backers from the old days will be in the working class by now. (I for myself would have loved to come, also in computer science but having to attend the ISMP in Berlin that week). Still if i had not been away, I would have still had to work and cannot just take a half day / day off just for the fun.
So long story short: if you should redo such an event and by chance choose some day on the weekend, you can definitly count me in. But during the week...

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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby scoopex » Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:42 am

It's awesome! Some Weeks ago I dreamed from GianaSisters. I asked my brother to a projekt. We took our 7 Amigas and checked them. From 3 broken Amigas we generated a hightech Device with 2MB RAM and a Clock. We replaced the Fat-Agnus, Denise and some other Chips. Crazy things.
So one Amiga 2000 is working now and 4 of the 6 Amiga 500 are ready for takeoff.
But Shit, where is the Giana-Game? I did not found it yet...

And a few days ago, a friend told me excitedly, that there is a giantic Giana-Projekt @ Kickstarter.
I would be happy to have a look into your Work... and to find out the names of both of the sisters.

Who is Mario? Who is Luigi?

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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby tickling » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:36 pm

I wish I could go :oops: Would love it but Im away with the family anyway.
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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby church3k » Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:08 pm

Because I am very interested to meat some crazy guys:
- who have the valor to do this project
- who prove the world that Jump'n Runs are not dead
- who make a smile in my face on the day I found this project on kickstarter
- who make me sad if the goal will not reached and the game will never be released (this should not happen under any circumstance!)
- who have played the original Giana Sisters on the C64
- who not asked "What???" if I speak about "Turrican", "Giana Sisters", ...
- so many words...
- someone reading these lines?
- Hello?
- who shows me a first impression of a great game

Should I not win, that's ok, but please finish this project!

Good luck to all of you.

Best regards,
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Re: MOVED! Blogger Day Application Thread

Postby rheenen » Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:15 pm

typing this on my android, for which I actually bought your previous nintendo ds version of giana Sisters for Android, the last one developed with armin...

I would love to come this Wednesday, I will take a day off. traveling from Holland will not be a big problem for me.

If I am invited, I would really like to know the answer to this question: when I was much younger I made my own version of giana Sisters for the amiga. of course I never released it, it was just to see whether I could do it. anyhow, while ripping the gfx from the original game I encountered a large yellow barrel on the disk which was not used by the game at all. The amiga game did use the smaller barely while the c64 version used the large barrell too. It's obvious I spent way too much time with the original, haha...

Also, I could not recreate the portamento chords of the song of the 1st level when I tried to recreate the in game music. I guess chris's chord knowledge is better than mine?

After all the time I spent with giana Sisters (or... gianna sisters) I guess it's clear I would love to see and meet the team actually developing the third version. or actually the fourth, if we're not counting hard n heavy, right?
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